HIV/AIDS Awareness

We record and share songs that educate the public about HIV transmission, the importance of getting appropriate treatment and the pride we could have as a community if we treated people with HIV/AIDS (and any other condition) with dignity, as equal. Within our local Liberian community, many people misunderstand HIV/AIDS. Even though there are awareness programs through school, but the messages get lost. Liberian teenagers and people in their 20s have unreported sex and engaged in other risky behaviors. Those with the virus are shunned.  Educational songs will encourage positive preventive action, and compassion. The song, based in traditional Liberian rhythm and sung in Via, Gio, (the two indigenous Liberian languages) and English will be premiered at the gathering for Liberian youth, who will be invited to create their verses. A videographer will film a video of the performance at the event, with some vocals recorded and mixed in a recording studio. The music video will be posted on YouTube and circulated through Facebook, the two biggest ways Liberians in the United States communicate. (They do this through their phones since many don’t have computers) The point is to get the conversation going and take the first step towards some impact on harm reduction. It opens a door to possible further work between these people and Liberian refugee Relief Organization on positive community culture, public health, and important social justice issues on harm reduction.

Malaria and Diarrhea

To positively meet the current demands of our brothers and sisters who have suffered from pangs of war, malaria, diarrhea, HIV/Aids and Ebola. You will come to note that the war left many ravages from loss of valuable properties to a complete destruction of the entire statehood of Liberia and her inhabitants. We have seen the need to come to the aid of the few survivals in such human carnage as necessary, hence, the coming into existence of Liberian Refugee Relief Organization.  It is estimated that of 2.5 million pre-population of Liberia, over some two hundred thousand men, women and children, became victims of Violence, killing, massive displacements, poverty and the collapse of civil order throughout Liberia.

Impact People’s Lives

To encourage and improve gender equality, preservation of culture, conflict resolution and address immigrants’ concerns. We do this through songs continuing a tradition that is meaningful for the community and modeling what the messages communicate in Liberia as well. As the war was ending in Liberia, we toured the country with another singer/artist that led to peaceful resolution of the war.

We want to inspire questions, conversation, and better understanding about HIV/AIDS among Liberian youth in the Philadelphia area; to step up and  to raise the consciousness of both young women and men about standing the disease for one’s own dignity and the dignity of others; and to encourage deeper appreciation of the beauty and meaning of traditional songs and rhymes and the ways they can help a compassionate community. The song we compose along with the youth will be rooted in traditional songs forms. This is one of the best ways to create safe space for Liberians youth to start talking about sensitive and important issues, in the case of HIV/AIDS.

The Liberian Refugee Relief Organization in its conceptualization intends to give some hopes to the disadvantaged groups by giving them some of their lost hopes through the provision of some their basic needs. Those pointedly in this suffering group include women, the elderly and children who deserve some immediate attention from humanitarian service providers. We have done some basic studies on this group and have noted that they need basic incentives that could help them augment the standards of their living conditions.

The Liberian Refugee Relief Organization (LIBRRO) will provide good sanitation, means of sustenance; hire the services of psychiatrists with the hope that they would provide some counseling services to the majority of our comrades who have been traumatized by long years of civil conflict, suffering from various diseases such as, malaria, diarrhea, and Ebola.


Liberian Refugee Relief Organization has thought it as a way of good gesture in trying to help our fellow human beings some of whom even live next door to ours. It will help to contribute immensely in the reconstruction process of our dilapidated homes, roads, clinics, hospitals, schools, and liaise with government and other non-governmental organizations in determining the processes of providing these means to our fellow Liberians and other social groups. The civil war left some deep scars on the entire population and those who were highly hit were women, children and the elderly, therefore, we have seen the need to assist the individuals in this group.


One of such objectives of Liberia Refugee Relief Organization will be to organize programs that would be geared at promoting awareness among the entire Liberian population. As part of its mission, it will organize a program called “SAVE OUR CHILDREN” The Purpose of SOC is to increase the awareness of available information and resources about health, job training, employment, and education. This organization will provide information about Malaria, Ebola, Teen’s pregnancies, HIV/AIDS prevention, HIV testing, Breast cancer, Peer pressure, Family concerns, Youth at-risk, and Addiction. We are to prepare students for GED, and teach them how to dress for a job, where to find employment and how to write a resume. Liberia Refugee Organization will not only do what it has outlined here and elsewhere as its focus of attention, but also will provide other adequate and necessary information that would be helpful to the entire Liberian population including scholarships and tuition assistance program.


Our creativity, artistic beliefs and health awareness initiatives continue to make headways in Liberia and here in the United States. We have been successful to educate large gathering such as weddings and graduation programs to educate our community through songs and Cd copies distributions. We have distributed thousands of magazines on HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Thyroids, Fevers Ebola and hypotension. We have connected more than 200 individuals suspected of HIV/AIDS and 30 of whom are currently receiving treatment. We have distributed more than 10 thousand condoms, donated 200-wheel chairs and medical supplies to individuals in Liberia.

Our new documentary and awareness songs will come into full being at public places, parties and at various schools. Our plan is to teach the frame of the song and awareness to encourage the young people to participate in this process by singing on stage with our artists thereby creating positive connections and motivations. Young people recognize when they are confronted with someone’s sickness and death news. But, there has not been a moment within the community to figure out how to combat HIV through prevention and compassion. We would like to light that spark by connecting individuals with the virus to specialist and hospitals.